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  • Best work ever! ---> cnbc10home . com Sun Aug 12
  • Back in Dallas Sat Jul 02
  • Epic security line @BWI Fri Jul 01
  • RT @CIPEglobal: 3 big trends at #dtdw? need more visibility for #women leaders; wmn must have seats at the table; #ICT connects wmn chng ... Tue Jun 21
  • #dtdw Marne Levine asks, how do you balance 'cultural considerations' for overseas offices while not denying women opportunities? Tue Jun 21
  • #dtdw Marne Levine: how do you balance 'cultural considerations' for overseas offices while not denying women opportunities? Tue Jun 21
  • #dtdw MP: give women a chance to be equal - we aren't looking for a war, we just want the opportunity to succeed. Tue Jun 21
  • At CIPE conference Tue Jun 21
  • #dtdw Maja Piscevic: Women have to accept that we can be leaders before equality can be achieved. Tue Jun 21
  • #dtdw Assilah al Harthy from Oman is telling her story - and she's spellbinding. Her family was a real obstacle to leadership at the start. Tue Jun 21
  • #dtdw Alexandra Wrage from TRACE: Bribery is a power issue Tue Jun 21
  • #dtdw Alexandra Wage from TRACE: Bribery is a power issue. Tue Jun 21
  • Camelia: women's associations fill a specific need in the community. Mon Jun 20
  • Selima Ahmad: read laws carefully! BWCCI was granted a chamber license bc they pointed out that the constitution requires equality #dtdw Mon Jun 20
  • Dr Shehla: govt interference in chamber leadership selection almost stopped the creation of women's chamber in Pakistan. #dtdw Mon Jun 20
  • Heading out to SAsia this weekend, back in Feb. Wed Jan 13
  • Off to the big D for the holidays. Fri Dec 18
  • Making paper chains tonight. Holiday-tastic! Wed Dec 02
  • Off to my final business plan presentation for class. :) Mon Nov 30
  • Follow@ShopItToMe. Win Louboutins! Tue Nov 17
  • Disturbed by SAsian men who can't define their org and what it does. If you want money, know what you do! Wed Nov 04
  • @CIPEglobal Great speech by Hernando! I really like his last line - "elections are important, but never enough." #qdeg Tue Oct 27
  • @OfficiallyAlly Blame the bruises on an extra workout at the Gallagher barn :) Tue Oct 27
  • Following the CIPE conference today - search #qdeg Tue Oct 27
  • Tweeting under the CIPEglobal name, live from Lahore Thu Oct 08
  • @domaley: Hi! Thanks for following my tweeting adventures from Lahore! =) Thu Oct 08

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