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#JOYCONBOYZFOREVER just tryna be myself you can call me kaz

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  • This shit tastes like ass bruh I'm gonna start crying cause of it Tue Aug 11
  • I ended up with fuckin orange juice in the hospital man I fuckin hate it Tue Aug 11
  • @ChawkletSwag @Aliciawitdaart But ily too 😌 Tue Aug 11
  • @ChawkletSwag @Aliciawitdaart Crazy you say that after I deleted like 30k tweets Tue Aug 11
  • RT @SrgioM3: #JumpForce Debug Menu Tue Aug 11
  • @jaiibtw Its a jaunky one frame link and its extremely hard Mon Aug 10
  • @bitingmylips666 Baku banger Mon Aug 10
  • @jaiibtw Unblockable launcher in Tekken Mon Aug 10
  • @Gaymer_Fuel @jaiibtw @TSM_Leffen Pain Mon Aug 10
  • @jaiibtw @TSM_Leffen Dude I legit injured myself practing it he'll definitely fuck himself up Mon Aug 10
  • He will break a part of his body Mon Aug 10
  • @Kitacolile i'mma still say they're ponies 💀 Mon Aug 10
  • RT @0124_kkk: *Cosplay ペルソナ5/武見妙 Photo:えりさん(@cam_e_r_09a ) Fri May 22

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