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  • @CDS_GC Very nice! Hopefully others will download this useful tool too. Wed Sep 23
  • @CityKitchener Perfect. Thanks! Sun Sep 20
  • @CityKitchener That is very unfortunate about the vandalism. Thanks for the update. I would also appreciate a respo… Sun Sep 20
  • @CDS_GC with COVID cases rising in Ontario (and other provinces), contact tracing is now even more important. Any c… Sun Sep 20
  • @CityKitchener along Iron Horse Trail are poured concrete pads for new benches? Anything planned before winter? Sun Sep 20
  • @CityKitchener regarding the new pedestrian crossing where Iron Horse Trail meets Victoria Road, based on the const… Sun Sep 20
  • @AGT With international acts competing, shouldn't there also be international voting? It seems a bit unfair to be s… Wed Aug 12
  • @CDS_GC Thanks for the update. Mon Jul 27
  • @CDS_GC Trying to sign-up for beta testing app, but am receiving the error message "Sorry, but this survey is not active". Broken link?? Sat Jul 25
  • @CDS_GC trying to sign up for beta testing app but am receiving the error message "Sorry, but this survey is not cu… Sat Jul 25
  • @CDS_GC Clicking through to sign up, the message "Sorry this survey is not active" appears. Broken link?? Sat Jul 25
  • Calling all SAF Alumni! Join the new SAF Mentorship Program to help aspiring accounting and finance professionals. Sat Jun 06

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