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  • RT @chrissdiddo: i’m in shock... The nerve, the audacity Sun Jun 17
  • Care about what u think? NEVAAA Wed Mar 28
  • If you're constantly bragging about how "REAL" you are...I know you're not real. Simple ☝🏽 Sat Mar 24
  • People who always got something to say are the worst types of people Mon Feb 19
  • U can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months analyzing a situation trying to put the pieces together jus… Mon Jan 01
  • RT @_LandonMoss: Russell Westbrook when he found out Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors. Mon Jul 04
  • RT @J_daddah: You're 16 and mommy and daddy are gonna buy you a BMW after they spend 20 grand on your Sweet 16. You're life doesnt suck gro… Fri Aug 21
  • RT @daniellasigna: Wish I was tired Tue Jun 09

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