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  • @whydontwemusic on their Instagram story last night #TakingYouMilwaukee Sun Jan 29
  • if y'all have any pictures from any tour stop dm them 2 me :) #takingyoutour Sun Jan 29
  • RT @whydontwemusic: the art today has been amazing, #takingyoumilwaukee you're a talented bunch Sun Jan 29
  • 16 city's left ! 💓 get your tickets for the rest of the tour here >>>> Sun Jan 29
  • RT @JonahMarais: Milwaukeeeeee y'all are so amazing. Thanks for tonight ❤️ Sun Jan 29
  • Jack and Jonah are twinning today;) @jackaverymusic @JonahMarais Sat Jan 28
  • RT @makennadoig: what a NIGHT 💛 #TakingYouTour #TakingYouMinneapolis Sat Jan 28
  • The #TakingYouTour has begun:)) Sat Jan 28
  • I'm gonna start posting when tour starts Wed Jan 25
  • Tour starts Friday! Sun Jan 22
  • "Cloudy in LA☁️" @jackaverymusic on Instagram Thu Jan 19
  • Once tour start! There's gonna be so much to post !!! Wed Jan 18
  • "💎" @jackaverymusic on Instagram Wed Jan 18
  • "On top of the world" @corbynbesson on Instagram Mon Jan 16
  • Views🖤 ///// @jackaverymusic on Instagram Mon Jan 16
  • "Ready to make some more music for you guys." @JonahMarais on Instagram Mon Jan 16
  • RT @whydontwemusic: Tea Time with Why Don't We: New York Edition ☕️🗽 Episode 13 feat. @ImZachHerron & @jackaverymusic… Sun Jan 15
  • Tour starts SO soon! go check if they are coming to your city at Sat Jan 14
  • @whydontwemusic at @JenaRoseMusic 's birthday party last night in LA ! Fri Jan 13

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