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  • @Paytm booked train ticket on irctc and redirected to paytm,booking failed bt transaction successful. No CC response Fri Feb 03
  • @narendramodi it is not PETA it is BJP and RSS, what have u done on cauvery issue, now don't act as you are obeying SC, lift jallikattu ban. Thu Jan 19
  • @REVESystems i couldn't make calls..! People Dont Download and purchase the money. You will loose money and couldn't make a call Sat Aug 20
  • RT @FactSoup: Life is not about the people who act true to your face. It's about the people who remain true behind your back. Fri Feb 26
  • First you learn, then you remove the "L". Sun Feb 21
  • @e_z_r_a_ :) Thu Dec 24
  • 80 Unreal Places You Thought Only Existed in Your Imagination Wed May 06
  • RT @verge: Microsoft’s new and (sort of) improved HoloLens Sun May 03
  • RT @WIRED: The HoloLens isn’t as great as you think—at least not yet Sun May 03
  • #PrayForThem Sun Apr 26
  • Mon Apr 20
  • RT @Inc: 3 rules from Richard Branson for hiring remarkable people @ZoeLaHenry Sat Apr 18
  • RT @WisdomyQuotes: Sat Apr 18
  • RT @FactSoup: Forgiving someone is easy, it's trusting them again that's hard. Sat Apr 18
  • RT @Inc: 22 Top CEOs Reveal Their Favorite Books (Infographic) Sat Apr 18
  • RT @My3DPrinting: Why Does the Additive Manufacturing Industry Need Training? Sat Apr 18
  • RT @WisdomyQuotes: Sat Apr 18
  • RT @Entrepreneur: You Don't 'Create' Your Company's Brand -- You 'Discover' It. by @MattHanses Wed Apr 15
  • RT @Forbes: “I want to make sure we’re accelerating, because we’re outrunning a really scary bear:"… Wed Apr 15
  • RT @Inc: Check out 32 new (and incredibly useful) gadgets for business @jmbrandonbb Wed Apr 15
  • @FactSoup yeah we can easily learn our mistakes. #bePositive Tue Apr 14
  • Warren Buffett's Top 3 Lessons of the 21st Century Tue Apr 14
  • @richardbranson I would like to know your favorite story. Mon Apr 13
  • @richardbranson I hope nowadays it will be only 10% . remaining like to gossip about others. Mon Apr 13
  • @richardbranson I don't know but one of the best stories I've heard How an ordinary man became an extraordinary man by ran a record business Mon Apr 13
  • #BeInnovative Mon Apr 13
  • RT @Inc: How to build a mobile app startup with no technical background @rahulvarshneya Sun Apr 12
  • RT @richardbranson: Watch: How leading employers involve charity & mentorship in business plans: #VirginDisruptors h… Sun Apr 12
  • @FactSoup @iQuoteComedy Are you serious..?? Sun Apr 12
  • The moment you giveup is the moment you let someone else win #Motivation Sun Apr 12
  • It's just a normal day,normal life, normal earth until you make strong changes #believe in yourselves Sun Apr 12
  • chennai stadium is filled with high Music(X) and Bass(zz) #CSKvsSRH #IPL8 Sat Apr 11
  • #ultimatequote Sat Apr 11
  • ”I’m just making a conscious choice to perceive challenges as something beneficial,so that I can deal with them in the most productive way.” Sat Apr 11
  • RT @Entrepreneur: Tend to Get Carsick? Steer Clear of Self-Driving Cars. by @LaShandrow Fri Apr 10
  • RT @verge: A GoPro dropped from 10,000 feet looks like nausea-inducing Spin Art Fri Apr 10
  • 74 Travel Experiences to Have While You're Alive and Breathing Fri Apr 10
  • just finished a Runtastic run of 3.04 km in 20m 57s with #Runtastic app: Wed Apr 01
  • just finished a Runtastic run of 3.01 km in 19m 44s with #Runtastic app: Tue Mar 31

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