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  • RT @ItsNoahEvans: How Windows Phone Failed: Late to the market. Developers were busy working on apps for iOS and Android. It didn’t have… Tue May 14
  • @xboxuk #STOP Thu May 09
  • RT @MrBeastYT: I’m going give someone random who retweets this tweet $10,000 because it’s my birthday and I feel like being nice ☺️ (you ha… Thu May 09
  • RT @MrBeastYT: We are closing in on a million lol To make everyone’s odds better I’ll now give one person $10k and 10 random people $1k. 4… Thu May 09
  • @Rare2ez Yeah, DM me on @lunaforeverr (main got locked) Tue Apr 30
  • @headmistrexx Alright, DM me over on @DinoOnTheBeat and i’ll try to help you Fri Apr 26
  • @xboxuk #stop Wed Apr 24
  • Dicko Modeeeee #NewProfilePic Sun Apr 14
  • RT @DinoOnTheBeat: @itstheonemax @System2048 @GuyOfSociety @TheWhiteLion246 @HeyItsBilal @uwuRose_ @f4d3z @KovaDev (and if i’m not i have m… Sat Apr 13
  • Holy fuck i’ve changed from then i only just got reminded i tweeted this cuz someone liked a reply to this. Wed Apr 10
  • @xboxuk #stop you got the wrong @ Thu Apr 04

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