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  • @InkMasterbator @lydia_fae Biologically, genetically, it's true. The transformation does not change the chromosomes… Sat Sep 24
  • @InkMasterbator @lydia_fae Checkmate. Sat Sep 24
  • @cannacabaret Your butthole is so sexy Sat Sep 24
  • @its_deelz I love when i can just barely see the butthole. Mmmm! Fri Sep 23
  • @1776Gretchen @JoeBiden Thank John Stuart for the help vets got and middle finger to your Republican scum who voted to fuck them royally. Thu Sep 22
  • @itsnaomibbyyy Best for anal and deep anal gapes Tue Sep 20
  • @FunkitToys @yourbabysadie How can i see you use one of those? Sat Sep 17
  • @NerdyKitten6968 Watch Mike Adriano movies a bit and do what he does. They are fucking HOT anal movies. You should do a scene with him. Fri Sep 16
  • @NerdyKitten6968 A challenging bad dragon anal plug: something you can fit in all the way though. I'd love to see your deep pink gapes. Fri Sep 16
  • @XnxxHub12 @violet_walker66 Amazing Tue Sep 13
  • @bareybaby @Knottynikkibaby @sophiaburnsx Please tell me you both stay jn face down ass up so we can see your bare… Sat Sep 10
  • @ScarlettJane92 Deep lick butthole paradise... Fri Sep 09
  • @ragira_tm Wrecked. Just pure devastation. Fri Sep 09
  • @AusSarah1 Bet you stared in the mirror for a while at all that butthole pink when you first got it. Thu Sep 08
  • @theridingqueen If they gape, yes. Fri Sep 02
  • @MelodyFluffing2 My god yes. Tue Aug 30
  • @SquatUniversity Youth is wasted on the young along with many pearls of wisdom. Years of disciplined, excellently p… Tue Aug 30
  • @pinkgingerspice @nynylew Do you do anal with that? Tue Aug 30
  • @itsvioletcox @Ebony_729 @_Ruby_Soho @rubysohoforever Oh yeah she does great anal Mon Aug 29
  • @LConditions Do you do anal gapes? Mon Aug 29
  • @KyeSabrina Please... make movies with Mike Adriano, and ONLY... Mike Adriano, not his "substitute"... ugh. Just Mi… Mon Aug 29
  • @Kaylasmithxo Practice spreading with both hands after you take it out to learn butthole control. Open and close that sexy hole on command.👍 Mon Aug 29
  • @Kaylasmithxo You'll soak pillows to death one day! Mon Aug 29
  • @Kaylasmithxo Keep at it! Mon Aug 29
  • @Kaylasmithxo Stretchy butthole my dear. 😈 Mon Aug 29
  • @1_seraph_1 Youre welcum Mon Aug 29
  • @rayawaifu Wearing a buttplug ? Looks like it. Mon Aug 29
  • @rayawaifu Water runs down your back as you take a nice back door massage... Mon Aug 29
  • @1_seraph_1 Amazing... Sun Aug 28
  • @JesseLacroixxx @My_Drew_ As long as they gape i love it. Sun Aug 28
  • @FemboyArcana @Falkybaby Til it gapes and breathes deep pulsing breaths... Sun Aug 28
  • @kendallcumdrop Love those waving walls. Sun Aug 28
  • @SquatUniversity I need help badly. My piriformis and sciatica is out of control and i am going to have to work wit… Sun Aug 28
  • @janenaughtymom Your starfish would be a glazed open donut... Sat Aug 27
  • @janenaughtymom Plugged in huh? Sat Aug 27
  • @Poisongirl_08 @dirtydanii_69 @Ranker_01 My oh my gaoe was IT, huh? Mmm Fri Aug 26
  • @AlionaMeriacri Beautiful anus. Fri Aug 26
  • @AlionaMeriacri Oh my... well, foreplay is important when taking the back route. Fri Aug 26
  • @AaliyahMilannn Flexing your butthole around a buttplug? Fri Aug 26
  • @AaliyahMilannn Welcoming backdoor stretch Fri Aug 26
  • @AaliyahMilannn Such a cute little butt. Can I lick? Fri Aug 26
  • @NadineElhindi @JoeBiden Not everyone is you, sweetie. Some people need more help and if that help comes with a col… Thu Aug 25
  • @dirtydanii_69 Sexy butthole Thu Aug 25
  • @AkessonEllen You look bad ass! SBD DID YOU GOOD!💪💪💪💪💪 Wed Aug 24
  • @itsnaomibbyyy Well, you say that you like big things in your backdoor, so... is that where that goes? Wed Aug 24

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