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  • RT @BloombergTV: "This is a good step for them" @Main founder Morgan Missen @mm reacts to Yahoo banning work from home ... Wed Feb 27
  • RT @businessinsider: 10 People Who Can Get You The Best Jobs In Tech And Make You Rich by @owenthomas Wed Feb 13
  • Lots of questions about our business model but it's simple: We're going to sell dollars online for 99¢ then make up the difference with ads. Wed Oct 10
  • RT @SAI: Morgan Missen: Facebook's Post-IPO Brain Drain Is 'A Little More' Than Expected This Early On $FB by @sfiegerman ... Fri Aug 03
  • Back on Bloomberg today, talking about Facebook exec retention and attrition. Fri Aug 03
  • Here's Main founder Morgan Missen discussing the Silicon Valley job market on Bloomberg yesterday Sat Jul 07
  • @skaragiannis ευχαριστώ! Sat Jun 02
  • @joelgratcyk unfortunately facebook usernames have to be at least 5 characters. Sat Jun 02
  • It's true! Morgan Missen Starts Silicon Valley Talent Agency Tue May 29

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