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  • @matthewctorres Alleged Bank robbers hiding Sat Nov 14
  • Trump will win.. I placed a $1,000 bet with +200 odds on Trump. I knew from long time ago Trump would win this. It'… Wed Nov 04
  • @ayeemalik99 That’s why he’s buried twice and the people surrounding him were killed. They want Trump to win. Berni… Wed Nov 04
  • @ayeemalik99 Ayesha, I followed you for a while, I like what you are about. But election is pre-determined. No need… Wed Nov 04
  • @morganebarratt Don’t get emotional, US election is just a drama, the result has been determined long ago. Wed Nov 04
  • RT @KChimaev: Alhamdulilah ☝🏼 Sat Oct 24
  • RT @ufc: Legendary. Sat Oct 24
  • @Phil_Sports The only explanation then is the commission/UFC already planned this beforehand. "You come on first, w… Fri Oct 23
  • @steelandpain Hi, I love your videos. Do you have an email I can reach you? Or anyway I can PM you? I have some que… Mon Oct 19
  • @SoreLosersNic @meatloafhands @420milfslayer @KChimaev Meerschaert was one win away (vs Heinisch) from becoming ran… Thu Sep 24
  • @SoreLosersNic @meatloafhands @420milfslayer @KChimaev Since when are UFC fighters cans? People used to say bellato… Thu Sep 24
  • @CoachQuinton @imSeanFUT1 @MartialMind1 @WonderboyMMA @Leon_edwardsmma And for god sake, one is ranked No.5 and ano… Thu Sep 24
  • @CapitalloveLion 冒泡了 Thu Sep 17
  • @Donegan1989 @The_Real_GM3 That’s why the ABC Unified MMA rules are so flawed. Eyepoke, whether intentional or not,… Sat Sep 05
  • @a_contreras16 @GamebredFighter Fri Jul 10
  • @a_contreras16 @GamebredFighter The presidents before Trump did it too, I don't think it was all started by Trump. Fri Jul 10
  • @rockstudricky @BenAskrenGhost That guy doens’t look similar to Hooker whatsoever Wed Jul 01
  • @SergioECortezB @bassman9000 @UFC_Obsessed @bullyb170 Targeting government buildings is fine with me since that is… Tue Jun 23
  • @UFC_Obsessed @bullyb170 If they want to make the change happen then target the government buildings, revolt! Targe… Tue Jun 23
  • @JustChillKilla You know spanish people are actually white right? Lmfao.. how dumb.. you aren’t even pretty why wou… Sat Jun 13
  • @Ariadna_133 They are just disgusting Sat Jun 13
  • @jaysunnfoo @Scott_Spidle @DaleJr You do realise it is the white people that gave you the freedom you have now righ… Wed Jun 10
  • @TeacherFifi @barbaricblog @stillgray I think black lives matter. But hundreds of White people/ Asian people/ Any p… Wed Jun 10
  • @weekend3warrior @aishaonearth BTW we all know that no matter who the president is, he/she/it is being controlled b… Thu Jun 04
  • @weekend3warrior @aishaonearth People should not vote to protest the fact the final two candidates in election are… Thu Jun 04
  • @wusewuxiang 左右一家。 Fri May 29
  • @IslemJsd @GamebredFighter that's an ugly mofo Sun May 24
  • @IslemJsd @darrentill2 Why does Colby look so ugly in this pic.. Thu May 14
  • @KhabibFakeRat @darrentill2 Thu May 14
  • why creating all those lies to shit on me? LLLAKLALJDjsajdajdjasdasjdjajancmzfnsjknfiowjkofjk I have short breathe no Tue Mar 10
  • There was a leader, leading my way to approach truth. -- Capitallovelion. I say, Alhamdulillah. I say, no more mk-… Tue Mar 10
  • It's pretty hard to imagine what will come into play. Now I am learning about HGH/ carnivore diet and whatnot fro… Tue Mar 10
  • I don't know what's next. I look @ the sky and think about what will happen on that day, or would I be able to see… Tue Mar 10
  • What's up. The Ancient Egyptian ruling class are "from the North", any relation to Habsburgs? I don't know why… Tue Mar 10

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