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  • Thu May 19
  • @Astro_Angry Unless it is stopped, the woke mind virus will destroy civilization and humanity will never reached Mars Thu May 19
  • RT @Liv_Boeree: Daily reminder that your brain on Twitter is being hijacked by an algorithm designed to do one thing: maximise engagement.… Thu May 19
  • Thu May 19
  • Thu May 19
  • Wise words Thu May 19
  • Good night, sweet maestro, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest Thu May 19
  • @nichegamer A true genius Thu May 19
  • @ArtLightstone It’s true haha Thu May 19
  • @El__Bohemio Indeed Thu May 19
  • @GailAlfarATX I suggest no parties and just direct voting by the people of concise laws that everyone can understand Thu May 19
  • This is what most people in America want, but unfortunately it’s not realistic. Generally, the party with less po… Thu May 19
  • @harsimranbansal For sure Thu May 19
  • @WholeMarsBlog This is a big one! Expect some two steps forward, one step back situations. These will be great iron… Thu May 19
  • A party more moderate on all issues than either Reps or Dems would be ideal Thu May 19
  • @redletterdave I was (obv) joking at the time, but fate loves irony! Thu May 19
  • Judging by the relentless hatestream from the far left, this tweet was spot on Thu May 19
  • Thu May 19
  • @paulg @thehowie Yale gets🥇in wacktivist olympics Thu May 19
  • @PPathole Yup Thu May 19
  • What I love most about wacktivists is their incredible sense of humor 👼 Thu May 19

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