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  • @PPathole Most people have no idea Starship exists or how large this beast is! Body diameter (9m or 30 ft) is bigg… Sat Jul 24
  • @NASASpaceflight @BocaChicaGal More of a pathfinder test. Actual payload bay door dimensions are still under debate… Sat Jul 24
  • @AustinTeslaClub @cleantechnica That’s the goal! Sat Jul 24
  • RT @SpaceX: NASA has selected Falcon Heavy to fly Europa Clipper! Launching in October 2024, this interplanetary mission will study whether… Fri Jul 23
  • @WholeMarsBlog @karpathy The feeling is mutual. But I can’t emphasize enough that we work with an amazing team. The credit is theirs. Fri Jul 23
  • @flcnhvy @HassanAesthetic @pcgamer Maybe I will. It’s on PC now. Fri Jul 23
  • @HassanAesthetic @pcgamer I couldn’t do WoW. Awesome, but too much time required. Fri Jul 23
  • @pcgamer Great game Fri Jul 23
  • @TeslaGong @madan3 If Tesla is able to succeed with imported vehicles, then a factory in India is quite likely. Fri Jul 23
  • @newscientist Very impressive! @DeepMind Fri Jul 23
  • @madan3 But we are hopeful that there will be at least a temporary tariff relief for electric vehicles. That would be much appreciated. Fri Jul 23
  • @madan3 We want to do so, but import duties are the highest in the world by far of any large country! Moreover,… Fri Jul 23
  • @SamTwits @MKBHD Tesla Model S Plaid is alien technology Fri Jul 23
  • @fredsterrrr @MKBHD No Fri Jul 23
  • @MKBHD Also, the full self-driving interface renders across the whole display & it is incredible. The yoke enables… Fri Jul 23
  • @MKBHD Good review & fair critique. In general with interfaces, all input is error. With each software update, th… Fri Jul 23
  • @DrPhiltill Minimizing $/ton to the surface of Mars is the fundamental optimization Fri Jul 23
  • @WholeMarsBlog This will become very important over time Fri Jul 23
  • @teslaownersSV 🤣🤣 Thu Jul 22
  • @AlexSvanArt @Neopork85 Flight tests showed that we could make body flaps narrower & lighter Thu Jul 22
  • @AustinTeslaClub @RoschetzkyP @Tesla @TeslaNY @TeslaOwnersEBay @TeslaForThe_Win @jchybow @1stMarsColonist @EvaFoxU… Thu Jul 22
  • @ARKInvest @CathieDWood Congrats Cathie! Thu Jul 22

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