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  • Oh ya manning #SuperBowl Mon Feb 06
  • RT @autocorrects: Dear Eminem, not only do we have the same name, but we're both black on the inside too. Sincerely, M&M'S. Sun Feb 05
  • “@QuotingSwag: What I do when I like somebody: 5% - Talk to them. 95% - Stare” Sat Feb 04
  • RT @Laughposts: CARTOONS: The only place you can wear the same thing everyday & nobody cares. Sat Feb 04
  • RT @Laughposts: "You actually have friends?" "Yeah, all 10 seasons on DVD!" Sat Feb 04
  • RT @TheComedyHumor: Pulling out gum at school is like pulling out crack at a rehab center. Sat Feb 04
  • RT @TheComedyHumor: I mustache you a question, But I'll shave it for later, but a little beard told me to tell you so I will whisker it ... Sat Feb 04
  • Stare at my iPod charging for 20 min.... Still 20% remaining. Walk away for 5 minutes... 100% grrrr Fri Feb 03
  • When u trip and fall but r so lazy u just sleep on the bathroom floor for the rest of the night... Tue Jan 31
  • RT @Patrick_Star: I heard the key to wisdom is to empty your head of all thoughts..Well that was easy. Tue Jan 31
  • RT @Laughbook: I just read last year 4,153,237 ppl got married. I don't want to start any trouble, but shouldn't that be an even number? Mon Jan 30
  • RT @Patrick_Star: I’ll see you in the future, or sooner. Whichever comes first. Mon Jan 30
  • First Tweet!!!! Mon Jan 30

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