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Impersonation is the highest form of BORK.

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  • @TicTocTick Erectile dysfunction also comes in many forms. I do not recommend you ever get a shot in member, for ex… Sun Jul 10
  • Rumor has it Ian jerks it to Supernatural fan fiction in the second floor broom closet during his lunch break. He s… Tue May 31
  • Top is in Tue May 31
  • Rebalencing is an act of fine motor skills. Unskilled traders will see this as BORK and continue shorting while the… Tue May 24
  • Unsure how @MasterPandaWu has 35k people blindly following his doom and gloom all the time. What is wrong with you… Tue May 24
  • @MasterPandaWu Blink twice if you're in danger. Tue May 24
  • @gnoble79 @omniamea @RaoulGMI @PZonari @bennpeifert @CathieDWood @ARKInvest Based. Sun May 22
  • @nope_its_lily @Snarkytrashpan2 @bennpeifert We forgive @Snarkytrashpan2 for saying your name 3 times; it was an ac… Mon May 09
  • Lonedust is a queer. The good kind, though. Non-threatening. Wed Feb 23
  • You analysis is off. Keep learning. JK, don't. Learn how to play the guitar; it will help you get laid. Just not John Mayer Wed Feb 23
  • I am very fond of women with tremendous asses. I'm talking so-good-make-you-wanna-slap-your-grandma tremendous. By… Thu Feb 10
  • The shake-down is underway. As I have said previously, I expect it to be a long, thick (full of girth) slump (will… Wed Feb 02
  • I expect the S&P to retest Friday's meatballs in the next day or two & Nasdaq to bifurcate. It could see purple. SM… Mon Dec 06
  • I still feel a pullback in my balls before a final melt-up to S&P 6900,DJIA 42,069,Nasdaq 18,000 & SHIB $1. Wed Nov 24
  • Market is experiencing a shallow BORK yet by investor reactions you'd think it's down a lot. The market is off 2% f… Wed Aug 18

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